2021 June Newsletter

The Greatest Lessons they Learned

Several weeks ago, we began posting a ‘30-day Survival Guide for End Time Persecution’ on Dingdash.com. Around the world, persecution against Christians is on the increase, but the underground church in China has walked this path for decades. For 30 days, we shared stories from those in China who have suffered for Christ and the greatest lessons they learned. Their

FOR CHILDREN Learning about mission, with new resources in the pipeline!

Children are not just the future of missions, there is an important part for them to play now! At different ages, there are different things for children to learn and take part in. And we want to inspire children of every age and ability with our resources. So, what do we have on offer? Many of you are hopefully familiar

Once in a Life-Time – Christian Business Forum

Not all ministers need a stage. Not all preachers need a microphone. Not all ministries need neon lights. Chinese underground missionaries in closed countries are going back to the basics and using the same methods as the 1st century church – using simple business opportunities to spread the Gospel. That’s why we are hosting a Christian business forum and are

Join us on Ding Dash

Stop arguing on Facebook.  Stop the attack on your free speech rights by Twitter. The gloom, doom, and hateful comments on social media can be really bad for your spiritual well-being, but there is a new way to connect that is better than Facebook and Twitter. Experience a new kind of social media with DingDash. DingDash is a free speech

Join Us This Fall for the Adventure of a Lifetime!

What: BTJ Vision Trip / Prayer Journey Where: Outside your comfort zone – Northern Iraq When: One week in Early Fall 2021 Why: To share the BTJ vision, meet workers on the field, serve local people who are transitioning back into their villages from refugee camps Who: YOU! If you have any interest at all in Back to Jerusalem, the

The Mother Who Refused to Deny Christ

Meriam Ibrahim made global headlines when the government of Sudan demanded that she deny Christ.  Meriam was a pregnant mother when she was arrested and thrown into prison in Sudan. Her family turned her in for being a Christian even though her birth father was a Muslim – an act of apostasy in the nation of Sudan.  “They told me

GateKeeper Defined

Webster defines a Gatekeeper – as one that tends or guards a gate. A person who controls access. GateKeepers at Back to Jerusalem are a vital part of the BTJ team. Providing significant financial and prayer support for projects, disaster relief and urgent needs. With the ongoing monthly commitments of our GateKeepers, BTJ has been able open the gates and