2020 October Newsletter


Greetings From the UK Office

Greetings from the UK office! We pray this newsletter finds you well, and as you read the various articles for this month, that you will be challenged, inspired, and moved to pray as you’ve never prayed before. There is so much speculation around the current state of the world right now. People have long said that we are in the

Back to School with Fufu, Learn & Earn!

Learn about mission and earn your reward pack! (For children ONLY) The summer holiday seems like a year ago and you are now back in (home) school. I bet you are learning new and exciting things every day. But are you learning about mission? At Back to Jerusalem, we think there is nothing more exciting than mission. Mission is what

Christmas is Coming, and There’s a New Children’s Book!

This may be your chance to get some early Christmas presents for children on your list. Our Fufu children’s books are a great way to introduce children to the world of mission and how God’s power is at work in every corner of this earth. Our most recent book in the Fufu series, “The Power of Love,” is available for

30 Days of Prayer for North Korea

Few places in the world are like North Korea. It is a nation surrounded with conspiracy and speculation. You can mindlessly spend hours watching documentary after documentary, and feel no closer to understanding the reality of this remote country. We think of North Korea as an isolated nation, uniquely frightening, ruled by a mad dictator who refuses to be answerable

BTJ Disaster Relief Effort in Beirut

The situation in Beirut is at a critical level and urgent help is needed after a massive blast destroyed most of the city on August 4, 2020, leaving 177 dead, 6,000 injured, and more than 300,000 people homeless. One witness said the explosion was like 15 years of war in 15 seconds. BTJ missionaries were among the first to respond.

China Increases Christian Persecution

Pastors are being arrested, church buildings are being destroyed, home Bible studies are being raided, Bibles and hymnals are being burned, crosses are being torn down, Christians are being fined and punished on social media, and new laws are being passed. Persecution against Christians in China is at an all-time high. Churches are now being used as re-education camps. A

Big Tech Got Your Tongue?

If 2020 has been any indication at all, there is an all-out war on free speech in America, and the battleground is often found on social media! Fascismbook, I mean Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms are not even trying to hide their bias and political views anymore; they are flaunting them! We learned in 2020 that it’s these big

Become a BTJ GateKeeper Today!

Have you ever wondered what you could do to really help the Chinese House Church and aid the spreading of the Gospel in closed countries? Then why not become a GateKeeper? If your heart burns with a desire for unreached tribes to come to know Jesus – then consider joining the team as a BTJ GateKeeper. For less than $1 per day,