2020 June Newsletter

Office Letter from The Netherlands

Not everyone knows where the nation of the Netherlands is. We can’t blame you. You almost need a magnifying glass to find our country on a world map! In this little country bordering the North Sea, lives a group of people who have come to love China, a country very different in size and bordering a different ocean, but close

Iced Teas from BTJ

Summer is here and our appetite for iced teas’ thirst-quenching properties has ramped up. In honor of June being National Iced Tea Month and Father’s Day on June 21st, we are featuring our BTJ School House Immunitea tea selections that are excellent iced, cold-brewed or hot, and they also help to build your immune system! Tea helps to elevate your immune system because it contains

What the News is NOT Telling You about the Coronavirus

The coronavirus has absolutely devastated the world economy in a way that hasn’t been seen since WWII. Unfortunately, most people have been bombarded with so much misinformation that they are simply not sure what to do or who to believe. Let’s be honest. Most of the news is absolute garbage. Who wants to listen to it? Back to Jerusalem is

The Six Lies I Tell At Mission Conferences

In the early 2000s, I traveled to a remote village in southern Tibet. In order to get there, I had to fly to Lhasa, drive in a four-wheel-drive for two days in areas that did not have roads, ride a horse for a day, and then hike up a mountain. When I arrived at the village, I was congratulated for

Media Silent on Christian Genocide

So many Christians are dying in Nigeria this year, that we are losing count. The numbers from the first four months are horrifying. According to one Nigerian-based group called Inter-society, at least 350 Christians were killed in Nigeria in January and February alone. By another count, the number was 543 Christians. Even the experts can’t keep up with the carnage.

A Lipstick Audio Bible?

No, it’s not actually a real thing. BUT, at BTJ we are working on a project similar to this to get Scripture into the hands of persecuted believers in the underground church. Part of our mission is to develop new technology like this to equip these believers with God’s Word in disguised ways. Please pray for this project, and many

Fufu Kids!

We believe your kids matter when it comes to the Great Commission. As part of the worldwide church, they are carriers of the gospel. We want to inspire and challenge them to live a life of faith and obedience to Jesus, and to start praying for missions. Their prayers are powerful and needed. In addition to our exciting and adventurous