2020 February Newsletter

Underground Disaster Relief for Iran

In January, heavy floods devastated the southeastern region of Iran, on the border near Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is one of the poorest areas of Iran. More than 20,000 people were left homeless, and several were killed in the aftermath. Also, in the southeastern provinces of Kerman, severe rainfall and flooding blocked roads, destroyed houses and displaced thousands of people.

Greetings From Brazil

Being excited about The Heavenly Man book, in 2017, we did invite brother Yun to minister in our local church in São Paulo, Brazil. At that time, we could not imagine that behind him, a great team of outstanding servants was working hard to spread the message of our Lord throughout the most needed countries, especially in the 10/40 window.

A New Underground Movement: Volunteers Needed

“If the government finds out that we have been educating our own children, we can be arrested and have our children taken away from us,” Sam [not his real name] said to me in Vietnam. “But I have to do it. Children are targets of the Communist Party. They want to teach them to hate Jesus at a young age.

The Six Lies I Tell at Mission Conferences

Two thousand years ago, Jesus told us to share the Good News with all the nations (Matthew 24:14). So, why has this task not been completed? Think about this – what if the Great Commission were an exam? What grade would we get? Well, there are currently 10,271 people groups around the world. Out of those 10,271different people groups, there

BTJ Hologram Bible Now on Display

BTJ Hologram Bible Dedication Ceremony Twenty-first-century mission strategies are changing and the need to get the Gospel into the most unreached areas of the world has never been greater. Many of the nations that BTJ is working in (such as Saudi Arabia, Kazakstan, Iran, and North Korea) are using modern technology to keep their borders sealed tight and keep the

New Workshop Available Soon

BtJ on the road with a new workshop format! Over the years, many thousands have benefited from hearing brother Yun speak about the Chinese church and the Back to Jerusalem vision. There is nothing better than hearing things straight from the people who are involved and have experienced revival in China in person. However, there is only one brother Yun,

BTJ GateKeepers; Standing in the Gap

Does your heart burn to see the Gospel spread to the most unreached peoples? Do you long to do more to fulfill the Great Commission? Well, you can! Take up your position at the gate!! With a monthly contribution of as little as $25, you can partner with BTJ and join the GateKeeper community. Each month, over 275 believers from

Brother Yun is Back in the USA

Brother Yun, widely known as The Heavenly Man, will be back in the USA once again! Plans are to begin the tour in San Antonio Texas Sunday morning on March 22 and head north ending on Sunday evening March 29 in Kentucky. Final dates and locations are still being worked out, but you can always get the latest information on

DingDash a new Social Media

Social media has somehow crept its way into our everyday lives. With it, we document what we eat, where we go, how we communicate, and all our habits and interests. While we let our guards down and go about living, these parasitic platforms silently are observing, collecting, and selling every move we make. In forfeiting our privacy, we have given