2019 August Newsletter

Letter from UK Office

In June we had the privilege of travelling to a number of churches in the UK and Ireland for our 2019 Brother Yun tour. This was our first time back to Ireland in over a decade, and we had heard of believers praying and fasting for Brother Yun to return, so we were excited that we were able to arrange

Back to Jerusalem GateKeepers

Our Back to Jerusalem GateKeepers are monthly supporters who partner with us to provide crucial resources that enable us to be prepared and ready to not only spread the gospel among the nations, but also help us prepare and equip teams to be on the ground when disaster strikes and to assist persecuted brothers and sisters across the globe. Believers

Hologram Bible

Right now, there are thought to be roughly 200,000 people in prison camps in North Korea. Many of them are there because of religious crimes. In Iran the number is about 225,000. In China that number jumps to 1.5 million prisoners. The only way to get a Bible into those prisons is by smuggling it in, and as with anything

BTJ Business as Mission training

Business as Mission has emerged as one of the most significant methods for missionaries to gain access to closed nations between China and Jerusalem. With the launch of the “One Belt One Road” initiative in China, the Chinese government has been investing billions of dollars in the region between China and Jerusalem to launch thousands of different China-related businesses. This

BTJ’s Own Social Media

Does the Bible contain hate speech? You might think so if you look at the latest speech control measures of Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc. These free social media services used to be great ways to connect with our friends and deliver messages about ideas and concepts. Those days seem to be long-gone. Today, these massive giants are selling your

Hackers Conference 2020

Although advanced technology has been primarily used to enhance the quality of life, many nations and anti-Christian corporations have been weaponizing it to persecute Christians, restrict their views, and to force-feed their anti-Christian ideology. Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and Google have already implemented policies that block Christian ministries from direct access to each other and prevent certain content, either by blocking

Were Going Back to Iraq

No experience is required Have you ever just wanted to be a blessing to others? Have you ever heard God tell you to get on a plane to a particular part of the world? Have you ever wondered what it’s liketo step out of your comfort zone and travel? We have some answers for you. Come! Find out for yourself!