2019 April Newsletter

Letter from the Office

Dear Reader, Greetings from the UK office! As you have received this newsletter, I want to thank you for partnering with us, through Gatekeepers, through prayer, or any other way that you stand with us. By joining with us to see the Great Commission fulfilled and the 10/40 window evangelised, we share in our burden for those who have not

Join BTJ on a Journey to the Darkest Nations on Earth

Travel to the most Unreached Regions of the World We invite you to join us on a spiritual journey to the other side of the world to meet those that have never heard about Jesus.  BTJ missionaries serve in some of the most unreached regions of the world and invite you to come and see the situation with your own

Introducing a New Era For Bibles

Gulags in North Korea are full of prisoners who do not have access to the Bible – until now. Twenty-first century Missions is changing what is possible for prisoners like those in North Korean Gulags. This year, Back to Jerusalem missionaries are armed with a new Bible that is the size of a small pill, motion-powered, and can allow prisoners

Spies, Beatings and Black Prisons – China’s New Persecution

Persecution against Christians in China is on the rise. The government has been unsuccessful in stopping the growth of Christianity in China – especially among the young people – so they are employing a new strategy to find out where meetings are, who the leaders are, and what methods they are using for avoiding police detection. According to BTJ sources,

North Korea

North Korea entered a new year, and a second, much expected summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un is around the corner. We are thankful that the US, South Korea and North Korea have started talking again. War is much less of an immediate threat than it was a year ago. That does not give us reason to stop

June 2019 UK Brother Yun Tour

We are so excited to have Brother Yun back with us for our June 2019 tour. We’ll be spending time in both England and Ireland. Here is our schedule – come and join us! Thursday 6thJune Liberty Church Station Road Rotherham S60 1JH England Start Time: 7:30 PM Friday 7thJune Christian Life Centre 300 Cowley Road Oxford OX4 2AF England