2018 October Newsletter

Letter from the Office

Shalom Aleichem! Indeed, peace be upon you in the name of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. This greeting and blessing brings great joy and hope in the midst of an ever-increasing atmosphere of hate and rebellion against our Holy God and Father. In the fullness of this greeting we express thanksgiving for each of you as you continue to

Iraq Vision Humanitarian Tour 2019

Come join us as we minister in our safe house! Serve in local villages by delivering food and clothing and providing entertainment for kids! This is a wonderful missions opportunity for individuals who have a heart for the Middle Eastern region and would like to partner with us. You will not be disappointed in some of the off-road excursions that

The Dream Language Center Iraq

Northern Iraq is still trying to recover from the ISIS invasion four years ago. The government is in conflict, Yazidis are still living in refugee camps, and places like Mosul are in shambles. Those who did not escape to make a better life for themselves in Europe or North America have found very little to be happy about. There is

BTJ Hackers Conference

China has created the world’s first super phone application to track and control people they do not like. China has also created one of the most powerful Internet firewall systems in the world to keep Christians from accessing digital Bibles, teachings, or videos. China is working on putting up 700 million digital cameras by the end of this year to

Chasing Revival

BTJ has now released our very first home Bible study series called “Chasing Revival.” The Chasing Revival Bible Study Series follows the continuation of a revival movement that started two thousand years ago in Jerusalem when Jesus gave the command known as the Great Commission and attempts to follow it to what we are seeing today in China.Each section in

Stand in the Gap

Each month, BTJ’s GateKeepers from all over the world stand in the gap with us by committing to ongoing support, which contributes towards the activities of all our ministries.This crucial, monthly support gives us the resources we need, when we need them not only “To go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation,” but to be poised