BTJ Using Chocolate to Help Ukrainian Refugees and to STOP Human Trafficking

BTJ is handing out chocolate to the many exhausted refugees making their way across the Ukrainian border. Chocolate might seem like a waste to many, but NOT to the refugees.

“They are so excited to see the chocolate bars when they come across the border,” says sister D, a BTJ partner who is helping women and children running from the war in Ukraine. “It provides instant energy for those that have been traveling all day, and gives a sense of temporary comfort. I mean, I love chocolate and I eat chocolate as often as I can and the Bible tells us to love others as much as we love ourselves – right? Well, I love myself enough to eat chocolate and I want to love others enough to give them chocolate as well!”

Sister D is also reporting, “I am sure you will be happy to hear that the situation at the border looks way better now, when it comes to risk of human trafficking! We [are] pushing at governmental level, for improving security and registering drivers who pick up refugees. And this is exactly what is happening now. It is much harder to pick up someone, if you don’t want to register with the police at the registration point where most refugees come first, before further transport is organised for them. So for now we stopped [the suspected human traffickers].”

Sister D is handing out chocolate with one hand and helping to stop human trafficking with the other!

Please keep Sister D and the BTJ team members in your prayers.

BTJ has been receiving funds for Ukraine and has sent 100% of all donations for this effort to the border.  To make a donation to this effort, please click here or click below to go to our Disaster Relief Effort Page.

100% of all donations given to our Humanitarian Disaster Relief Effort will go to help the Ukrainian effort.

Disaster Relief


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