100 Churches Burned to the Ground in Attack on Christians in India

More than 100 churches have been burned to the ground in Manipur, India, according to the most recent reports. BTJ partners in India are now reporting that the violence has come from Hindu tribes that are targeting Christians and the overwhelming majority of fatalities have been suffered by fellow believers in India.

Other reports coming from Open Doors, a Christian organization also working in India, states, “It is the Christian community who was basically targeted. . . Reports suggest that more than 100 churches have been burned down. . . Many casualties have happened, but we are not able to establish how many, but 80 per cent of the people who have been killed are Christians. Everything which had a Christian identity or Christian mark was attacked by the majority community in Manipur.”

The following video was sent by our partners in India:

According to local partners, as many as 17 thousand Christians have fled the violence and are left homeless after the attacks on their homes and churches. BTJ is working together with the local believers to find the best way to provide aid.


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