🚨ALERT🚨 Massive Earthquake Hits China

Today, an earthquake struck the southwest Sichuan Province of China. The 6.8 magnitude earthquake epicenter was located at the town of Luding, at a depth of 16 kilometers and about 180 km (111 miles) southwest of Sichuan’s capital, Chengdu.

There have been reports of some feeling the earthquake from hundreds of miles away, even as far as Changsha and Xian.

Moments after this earthquake, another hit with a magnitude of 4.2 in the city of Yaan, near Luding.

BTJ has been getting reports from the area and no casualties have been reported so far.

In 2008, BTJ worked in the Sichuan deadly earthquake area that claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people. Whenever there is a need, BTJ’s humanitarian arm immediately responds to these kinds of disasters in China.

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