FOR THE ONLY TIME this year, Brother Yun will be traveling with our partners, Light for the People, in Sweden and Finland.

This week and next week, Brother Yun and Brother Ren will be visiting churches in Sweden and Finland and sharing updates about the Chinese underground house church and their work in the 10/40 Window.

Brother Yun, also known as “the Heavenly Man,” is an underground house church preacher and evangelist whose fascinating life has been filled with both persecution and incredible miracles. Brother Yun is the only person in history to ever escape from China’s notorious maximum security prison in Zhengzhou. He supernaturally walked out of the prison when God healed his broken legs and told him to stand up and simply “walk out.”

Brother Yun and Brother Ren have both played key roles in the largest Christian revival in China’s history and during this tour they will be sharing about the miracles that are taking place with Chinese missionaries in nations like North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, and many more.

These are meetings that you will NOT want to miss.

Find out more how you can join the meetings this week by clicking here, or by going to one of the following locations.

Dates for Sweden

April 23
Pingstkyrkan in Karlskrona 16.00 &19:00

April 24
Pingstkyrkan in Hässleholm @ 11.00 AM

Folkkyrkan in Sölvesborg @ 6:00 PM

(2nd Service from 4:00 PM)

April 25
Pingstkyrkan in Nässjö @7:00 PM

April 26
Kungsportskyrkan in Huskvarna @7:00 PM

April 27
Pingstkyrkan in Alingsås @7:00 PM

Dates for Finland

April 29
Metodistkyrkan in Kristinestad 7:00 PM

April 30
Frank Mangs Center i Närpes @10:30 AM

Frikyrkoförsamlingen in Vörå @ 6:00 PM

May 1
Missionkyrkan in Vaasa @ 11:00 AM

Elimförsamlingen in jakobstad @ 6:00 PM

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