⛑️⛑️Urgent: Crisis in Beirut. Help Needed ASAP⛑️⛑️

The situation in Beirut is at a critical level and urgent help is needed. This week, a massive explosion turned most of the port-side city into rubble and rescue workers are struggling to find survivors buried in the debris. At least 135 have been found dead, more than 5,000 injured, and hundreds are missing.

Above is a Before and After photo of Beirut (Photo Al-Aan TV)

Beirut’s city governor, Marwan Abboud said up to 300,000 people have lost their homes. He fought back tears in front of the cameras, as he attempted to explain how hundreds of thousands are without food, water and shelter.  The entire country is impacted by this disaster.

BTJ has been working in Lebanon for several years – providing support and feeding the hungry. After the explosion, we waited to see what the best way to help would be, spoke with our partners on the ground and listened to them.  What most people do not know is that Lebanon was in a crisis long before the explosion. In 2019, about half of the country was living below the poverty line and more than half a million children were starving to death.  Now, that number is expected to raise exponentially.

“The situation in Lebanon has been bad for a long time,” reported the BTJ partner inside of Lebanon this morning. “The price of food has been going up and the people do not have any money. Two things are needed right now – bread for their body and Bread for their life.”

Mona Bahri, a mother of seven children, reported that she can no longer afford to feed her family. “I go to the market and calculate prices, and ask myself  ‘what can I afford?'” she says. “My 4-year-old needs milk, but I can’t afford to buy it for him anymore. There’s nothing affordable. What are we supposed to eat?”

In the aftermath of the blast in Beirut, BTJ is immediately responding by providing emergency care packages to those in need. We feel that it is our duty to not just preach the Good News with words alone, but to show the people that Christians are ready to help in even the most dire situations.

Through the support of BTJ Gatekeepers, BTJ is responding today with immediate aid. To become a GateKeeper to help during this time of trouble, click here.

If you have been watching the situation unfold in Beirut and feel led in your heart to respond, please click here.

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